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Welcome to our Dorkdom.

DorkyStuff.com is the web home to a collection of independent artists and creative professionals who like dorky things, have dorky ideas, and enjoy plastering their creativity onto every possible retail merchandising product known to mankind!

We’re sort of merchandising junkies – like in the movie SpaceBalls…but more like EarthNuts.

In our store you will find all kinds of moderately interesting, lame, geeky, nerdy, foolish, snarky, and sometimes creative things to inspire, soothe or celebrate your inner dork.

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Embrace your inner dork (we do).

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Do you want something unique of your own (or to customize something we already offer)?  Drop us a note – we’ll try and make it happen.

Want to join our creative team?  Drop us a note – if you’re truly dorky enough we will plaster your misfit mind onto products too.

Our email address is anything you want it to be (because why be pigeon-holed?)…just as long as you end the address with that all-important “@dorkystuff.com”.  We’re not dumb enough to publish an email for all the SPIDERS.

“Hey Spider – get me a drink!”

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