So…umm…we’re Dorks.  You get that, right?

As clever as we are, and as much as we want your business, being Dorks pretty much means that we’re introverts.  We aren’t actually interested in talking to real humans.  That’s…why we have a website and not a retail store.


We don’t want other people contacting you…because we assume you’re probably a bit of a Dork who doesn’t want to talk to real humans either (no offense intended but, uh, you’re sort of hanging around our internet Dorkdom…so you’re one of us – it’s time to come out of the closet).

We only use your information to satisfy your order and keep you aware of stuff that we maybe, kinda, sort-of think is important to our superficial internet relationship.  🙂

We respect that you want some privacy and we don’t sell your information or attempt to redirect you to any click-bait. This site doesn’t install gratuitous cookies or any of that crap.  We think that is a fair way to tolerate having to deal with each other.  Welcome to our dysfunctional relationship.

This is the internet.  Shopping cart technology means that information gets planted on your device or browser so that your internet visit and purchase transaction can be tracked to make things like the “Back” and “Next” buttons work…but that’s about it.

Our marketing does rely on Social Media.  Any comments or social media references to our company or products made by you (the person reading this) constitutes your legal permission for us to use, disseminate (how’s that for a good geek word?) and otherwise reference your post, comment, name and/or likeness (or a total unlikeness if appropriate in our opinion) in our marketing, advertising and social media relations.

(that paragraph hurt my brain…give me a second)



All purchases are final.
We represent our products in a clear, honest and simple way.
There are no returns or refunds.

If, however, something you purchased from us shows up at your door and is in some way damaged or defective, we will have our Ninja 3rd-party Dorky Vendors make good on their promise to print, produce, manufacture and deliver the stuff they agreed to.  We will insist that they REPLACE defective merchandise because we want you to get what you paid for and we genuinely appreciate your purchase.
Our quality assurance claim is that all of our products are of suitable quality for the intended use and meets the reasonable expectations of the product listing.


support  @    DorkyStuff.com  (that’s for you)

BLACKLISTME@DorkyStuff.com (that’s for SPIDERS and ROBOTS)


We are Dorks…AND Geeks.
Our designs are ours.  We defend our intellectual property (really well).

If you have a legal, copyright, trademark, or licensing question, please contact our licensing representatives (they are much better at talking to real humans).

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